Our mind is a super super computer. All it needs is to be fed with specific task. If we are vague about what we want to achieve then we cannot feed the mind effectively. We have to be absolutely specific. MORE
YOUR MIND : Give the mind the right and specific work to do.
A free mind fraternity focused on global harmony.

Ayur circle is a global fellowship that transcends religion, caste, creed, nationality or any other belief systems. Dhyan (meditation) is the simple practice that will integrate minds and arrive at our cherished dream.

Complex problems have easy solution. Moreover there are easy approaches that lead to great achievements.

Ayur circle openly probes and explores ways and means to give humanity a new direction. A great fraternity is already silently at work to save humanity. It is our endeavour to selflessly join hands and strengthen this movement for unity and oneness of humanity.

Our cherished dream
'An unified world order in freedom and diversity'
  • To Harness mind power for all good causes
  • To create awarness about Ayurveda as a way of life.
  • To propose to include Ayurveda and Sanskrit in school syllabus.
  • To entertain, discuss and spread the thoughts of health,wealth,happiness affluence and abundance.
  • To propagate Ayurveda as a culture.
  • To conduct mind power workshops and motivate people to greater heights.
  • To project health as primary concern and Ayurveda as primary health care system.

Be Health wise
Only the wise are really healthy. Wisdom is a precursor to health. Ayurveda is a product of the epitome of wisdom. Knowing Ayurveda itself is beneficial to health.